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Pinebrook Home Owner Association Information

Pinebrook Master Association

The PMA board members are elected by representatives of the various homeowner associations that comprise the Pinebrook Master Association. The current members of the PMA Board are listed below. Curt McNeely is not a member of the board, but is our primary contact for administrative and financial matters.

Colleen Bell 435-645-7529 colleen.bell@questar.com  
Curt McNeely – Admin 435-649-4030 ckm@whitestarconsultancy.com  
Dan Schofield 435-649-1009 gmwc@fiber.net  
Felicia Canfield 801-323-2239 fcanfield@fabianlaw.com  
Gary Mitchell 435-658-4425 garyjmitchell@comcast.net  
Joe Martone 435-649-4357 joeandcathymartone@gmail.com  
Joel Bown 435-649-3968 joelbown@hotmail.com  
Sherm Wilkinson 435-649-1768 swilkinson@ctrol.com  
Stan Plaisier 435-647-0744 stan@plaisier.net

For a full list of officers, meeting agendas/times, and official HOA documents and procedures please visit the Pinebrook Home Owners Association website at www.pbhoa.org